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Today I tried packing butter into shot glasses, and inverting them into a tray of water in the manner of a French butter dish. We'll see if I can have nearly as good luck with this as I've had with my chorizo.

Gotta pay some bills pretty soon, so really have to slow down on my spending. I'll be glad when I've finished paying off the spending spree I had when my credit got reestablished. It's so much easier living on a cash basis. [comment]


Ha! It got escalated to someone with a clue. That so rarely happens any more...

Dear eBay Member,

Thank you for reporting that the search result page formatting is intermittently stretched horizontally.

We are aware of the issue and working to fix it as soon as we can. In the meantime, since the problem occurs intermittently, usually the formatting will display correctly if you use the Refresh button on your browser several times.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sincerely, Harry S.

eBay Customer Support



What's up with eBay lately? The page size of their search results and category browsing is somewhere around 10000 by 20000, most of it wasted space. Some CSS problem I'd imagine, but their stylesheet is so convoluted it's hard to tell. I emailed them about it and their support droid told me to update my JRE. Whatever. Bunch of fucking idiots. It happens with both IE and Firefox, so it must be affecting lots more people than just me. Unless everyone else is using 30-inch monitors nowadays. [comment]


This afternoon I fixed mandelgen.py to generate all values as needed, on the fly, so as to minimize the memory requirements. The last bugaboo was where I had:

  for index in range(current['height'] * current['width']):

While I knew that range generated a list, somehow I thought it did so in a memory-efficient manner. It doesn't. Switching to a while loop eliminated that last byte-guzzler and I can now run the program on my Tektonic server, which has no swap space and I haven't yet figured out the Debian way of using a swapfile. Debian is great for ease of upgrades, but damn, they do make some things a lot more complicated than other GNU/Linux systems I'm familiar with. [comment]


Spent some time today annotating the colorForth sources. Also, I made up an eBay listing for one of my Mandelbrot Set prints just to gauge the market. [comment]


Well, I made it through my presentation, "Where Have All the Coyotes Gone?", at Pancho Villa State Park this morning without making a total ass of myself. It was a sympathetic audience, no hecklers at all... preaching to the converted does have its benefits. I'm not sure everybody had heard of the Law of Limited Competition before, though, and now they have.

One of my neighbors, Maya, came up with an idea after reading some novels set in India in which the natives would use disposable clay pots for their night soil: the pottery shards found in the terra preta of the Amazon might have been from the same activity. It certainly would help account for the amazing fertility of the soil there. She thinks it's possible they utilized "green cemeteries" there also, burying their dead without caskets, participating in the food cycle as all other good animals do. People of our culture, on the other hand, just take, take, take and refuse to give back. [comment]


Got my skates today; my first reviews are at ProductWiki.com and Skates.com, though the latter review doesn't show up on the page as of this writing. [comment]


After spending $150 on a pair of Skorpion skates, I took off Sunday afternoon to El Paso to waste the rest of my paycheck. Didn't get much sleep Sunday night, so slept a good part of Monday in Chamizal Park next to the Cordova Bridge. Did the rest of my shopping, had a couple of $1.25 mugs of Shiner Bock draft at Erin's, and got my ass back to Juarez in time to catch the 7:45 into Crucero Palomas. This time, wary, I asked if there would be a bus into Palomas, and the clerk said yes. Of course, there wasn't, and I had to spend another horrible night in that miserable town. I got the first bus, at daybreak, into Palomas, and had to walk all the way into Columbus; nobody stopped to offer a ride. For sure I slept well Tuesday night, and this morning found my latest article published. I'm still wondering where the other 15 minutes of my 20-minute talk are going to come from.

Still have about $20 left, and might make some more cash tomorrow morning doing some computer work, if I remember it. My skates are due to arrive tomorrow also! It would be nice to do some windskating again. I've got plans to make a sail that attaches something like wings at the top of my back, and that I can just pull open to catch the wind, then drop them so they'll hang something like a cape behind me. [comment]


Heard Chuck Bowden speak at the Pancho Villa State Park this morning, then went to lunch at the Pink Store with my neighbor, and Chuck, and a bunch of other friends and acquaintances. He's an interesting dude, been through a lot of shit and researched a lot more.

One of the ladies was complaining of a loss of hearing in one ear due to wax buildup. Having cured myself of that problem, I offered to irrigate the ear for her, and surprisingly enough, she accepted! It took about a half hour, but she walked out with hearing restored, and I got a $10 tip for the old shebeen. I think I'll go spend it right now, and replenish the beer supply. [comment]


Another author on Associated Content has a featured article entitled Where Have All the Bobwhites Gone?; I wonder if that bodes well for my "Where Have All the Coyotes Gone?" piece, or if they won't want two similar articles featured at the same time... [comment]


Good news: I'm on deathrow! Finally, a free VMS account again. Maybe I can hack my way back to proficiency at VMS FIG-FORTH. [comment]


I could use some help with supporting information for my upcoming speech on coyotes I'll be giving at Pancho Villa State Park. Thanks in advance. [comment]


A FedEx Turnpike Double was seen about noon today heading down a dirt road to nowhere, just about a mile north of the Mexico border, West off highway 11. What the fuck was it doing?

There are just too many goddamned trucks going up and down North Boundary too. There's no industry to speak of around here. Some kind of spooky government ops, maybe. I hate to be so fucking paranoid but there's just too much shit going on to explain away as something normal. Maybe it's time to start my string of floating islands around the equator. [comment]


Well, good thing I wasn't counting any chickens from infertile eggs. My featured article at WikiHow got at least 50000 views, but less than one in 1000 linked to my own website. I need to get Slashdotted again if I'm going to make any money. [comment]


Someone added a "warning" to my article How to Live the American Dream:

You should realize that the American Dream is an elusive -- if not unattainable -- thing, and that you will always be dissatisfied and lonely, regardless of how far you climb in the American system. No matter how high your salary grows, you will always seem just short of true happiness. This is because your country is a hollow and rootless place, because all your goals are fleeting and material, and because the only things of any real importance are your friends and family.

A lot of truth to that. Of course a WikiHow admin reverted the changes. I'd revert them back, but just managed to win a fight there to keep my How to Wake Up from the American Dream article, and don't need any more stress at the moment. [comment]


My article was featured today on WikiHow! And it hasn't even been really dissed yet, to speak of. But it's not getting my website much traffic either. [comment]


I've been published!

This article might piss off a lot of people, we'll soon see. At least I snuck in a plug for two of my favorite restaurants before I die. [comment]


I couldn't find out how to list packages by size using dpkg or apt-whatever on a Debian system, so I hacked together this script, listpkgs.sh. Run it as follows:

$ ./listpkgs.sh 2>/dev/null | sort -n

This shows the biggest packages at the end, which you can then decide whether or not to remove. [comment]


Where have all the coyotes gone? I haven't heard them partying for months now, and other people around these parts say the same. One says her husband heard in some online chatrooms that local rancheros are feeding them some sterilization drug. Now, coyotes can't kill healthy adult cattle, and there are few sheep farms in these parts. What is the goddamned problem? They don't normally bother people. So now the rabbits are multiplying like crazy, with no natural predators. I'm just gonna have to get more accurate with my crossbow I guess. Or find a way to start slipping sterilization powders into the ranchers' food, to give the coyotes a chance to come back in another human generation or two. [comment]


Anybody know what this traffic is? It's a Microsoft address, and it's running on Windows XP:

$ windump -n -l -p -i2 -x -X udp port 3544
c:\WINDOWS\windump.exe: listening on \Device\NPF_{26CB763D-9C91-4E4B-8C63-CFE50414E704}

04:13:00.847573 IP > UDP, length 77
        0x0000:  4500 0069 4cf7 0000 8011 04c8 c0a8 036a  E..iL..........j
        0x0010:  4136 e37c 1369 0dd8 0055 6706 0001 0000  A6.|.i...Ug.....
        0x0020:  378b cf4f 90a2 311e 0060 0000 0000 183a  7..O..1..`.....:
        0x0030:  fffe 8000 0000 0000 0000 00ff ffff ffff  ................
        0x0040:  fdff 0200 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000  ................
        0x0050:  0285                                     ..
04:13:00.947424 IP > UDP, length 109
        0x0000:  4500 0089 4f83 0000 7011 121c 4136 e37c  E...O...p...A6.|
        0x0010:  c0a8 036a 0dd8 1369 0075 c8cf 0001 0000  ...j...i.u......
        0x0020:  378b cf4f 90a2 311e 0000 00ec 9631 56d8  7..O..1......1V.
        0x0030:  b060 0000 0000 303a fffe 8000 0000 0000  .`....0:........
        0x0040:  0080 00f2 27be c91c 83fe 8000 0000 0000  ....'...........
        0x0050:  0000                                     ..

And from a CMD box running as an administrator:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>netstat -anvb

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID


UDP *:* 1828 c:\windows\system32\WS2_32.dll c:\windows\system32\6to4svc.dll ntdll.dll C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll [svchost.exe]


Probably innocuous enough, but that port is supposedly ccss-qmm (CCSS QMessageMonitor) and I'm not aware of that software being part of the XP kernel; those are all kernel components in the netstat output. And I just don't like the idea of my machine talking to Microsoft without my express permission. Sure, I could firewall the port, but it could be the automatic Windows update stuff, which I do want. I just wish I could find some real info on it -- so far my Google searches haven't been very productive.

I happened to notice only because I was testing an idea of sending UDP as part of a peer-to-peer video messaging system, a sort of virtual pub. One of many back-burner projects. [comment]


So what's happening with Canal96, the porn portal? No updates since the first of the month. Whaddaya think, h0mbr3s, you can just take the month off at the playa and leave us poor wankers holding our limp dicks? For shame. [comment]


Within a week or so, I expect to get published on two high-traffic websites. Hopefully that will drive some web traffic to my own site, where my Adwords might garner me a little revenue. My Helium articles are paying about a fifth of a cent each per day, on average. It'll take a helluva lot of writing to make that worthwhile. [comment]


Sorta kinda got Frank Sergeant's Riscy Pygness ported to Coridium's ARMmite development board. I couldn't get it to build using Coridium's tools; instead I had to do all kinds of apt-getting on one of my Debian boxes and do the build there: see the patch file for that, and the other patch for the Cygwin side; the latter is just to make armmite after downloading combo.hex from your Linux box to your PC; then make ide to launch the IDE, from where you start TclTerm. Set Baud to 38400, Newline to crlf, and Char Mode (should show checked). You should see a "Hi"; enter numbers, one to a line, and verify you see "ok" after each. Then enter operators like + or *, one to a line, and finally a dot on a line by itself to see the result. That's all for now, just a proof-of-concept. It remains to be seen if it's capable of any real work on the limited LPC2103 controller.



Fixed already! Guess they picked up some talent over the last year or so. Or maybe the problem has been there for hours already and they finally figured it out, or it sorted itself. Whatever, I'm glad to be back online. [comment]


VTC fucked up the routing again:

root@OpenWrt:~# traceroute -n
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1  4.268 ms  3.761 ms  4.407 ms
 2  63.916 ms  63.063 ms  63.073 ms
 3  62.999 ms  62.656 ms  63.205 ms
 4  62.953 ms  63.017 ms  62.881 ms
 5  66.927 ms  67.069 ms  66.912 ms
 6  66.893 ms  66.938 ms  66.864 ms
 7  66.941 ms  66.927 ms  67.07 ms
 8  66.881 ms  63.073 ms  70.984 ms
 9  66.934 ms  66.929 ms  67.091 ms
10  67.009 ms  65.427 ms  66.759 ms
11  67.239 ms  67.924 ms  67.038 ms
12  67.003 ms  65.021 ms  66.969 ms
13  67.755 ms  66.828 ms  65.509 ms
14  69.652 ms  66.932 ms  67.126 ms
15  68.111 ms  66.863 ms  68.147 ms
16  70.761 ms  70.132 ms  67.108 ms
17  70.729 ms  70.186 ms  67.063 ms
18  66.798 ms  70.953 ms  71.295 ms
19  70.865 ms  70.955 ms  70.971 ms
20  71.139 ms  70.881 ms  67.1 ms
21  70.878 ms  70.872 ms  71.267 ms
22  74.72 ms  70.879 ms  71.07 ms
23  71.017 ms  70.834 ms  71.036 ms
24  70.889 ms  71.102 ms  70.992 ms
25  70.831 ms  70.808 ms  87.045 ms
26  70.883 ms  70.907 ms  71.047 ms
27  78.867 ms  70.778 ms  75.177 ms
28  74.818 ms  70.95 ms  71.24 ms
29  70.872 ms  70.748 ms  71.028 ms
30  71.18 ms  70.806 ms  74.948 ms

Wonder how long it'll take them to figure this one out. They don't seem to have a whole lot of clueful techs. Their typical plan for solving network problems like this usually involves sending out new DSL modems to all their customers; by the time they've done that, the routing tables have usually fixed themselves.

Mind you, I can't be too critical; in my day I made plenty of routing errors, but usually under the influence of alcohol. It's too early in the day for VTC's network techs to be buzzed... or is it? [comment]


Planted my banana yucca today, and got $5 from my only paying webhosting customer... going to the store to see if I can blow it on some good beer, or maybe some mediocre beer if they don't have Sam Adams Lager or Shiner Bock. [comment]


Sometimes I wonder if I should really be trying to build a wearable computer. All I have to do is wait... Casio came out with a waterproof cellphone, so it's only a matter of time before a similarly powerful, rugged phone comes out with wifi... right? Maybe I should just focus on the chording keyboard I've been thinking about. [comment]


Yes! It works now. But without a fuse, I have to be extra careful not to hook it up in reverse again.

One more point: on the 'D' connector for auto/air, the outside conductor (bottom of the 'D') is ground, and the next pin up, at a 45-degree angle, is the positive conductor. The 3rd receptacle has a metal cylinder in it, but no wire is attached to it. Some kind of obfuscation tactic I guess. So, just the outer two pins are used for 12VDC.

I still want to figure out the I2C shit that goes on between the power adaptor and the computer, so I can build it into my custom battery pack. Leave it for another day; between the heat and the wind I don't have a whole lot of motivation lately. [comment]


I don't know if I blogged the incident a few weeks ago when I connected my Dell Auto-Air adaptor in reverse polarity. After that, it no longer functioned on 12V but still worked with AC power through my inverter. I did some checks, and found that there was power coming out the tail end of the cigarette-lighter plug but not out of the D-shaped connector that plugs into the adaptor. I suspected there was a fuse hidden in the EMI suppressor; today I decided to test this hypothesis.

I cut the plastic from around the ferrite cylinder, and cut the wires on either side of it. Prying the plastic end-plugs out with pliers, I finally got something that looked like a fuse, covered with shrink tubing, on my worktable. Cutting open the shrink tubing, there was a blown T8A250V fuse. Aha!

Now to splice everything back together, sans fuse, and see if the damned thing works with 12V again. [comment]


Found a cool way of playing music on my other laptop, which has all my downloads, without leaving my seat:

$ cat playall.sh
MPLAYER2=/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Windows\ Media\ Player/mplayer2.exe
cd ~/downloads
for file in *.mp3; do "$MPLAYER2" /play /close "$file"; done

I bg'd the task and logged out (had to close the Cygwin bash window), and it continued to the second song, but then died. Needs some work I guess, or maybe just nohup. [comment]


Fuck Hotmail. Your SPF record can be perfect, and it will show up in your "junk" box with an "X-SID-Result: Pass" header. Mine pass Gmail's SPF check fine but I don't get any X-SID-Result header with Hotmail. Bunch of fucking paranoid pricks.

Lately I've been seeing red spots, like someone shining a laser at me, in strange places. At least twice inside my place, and yesterday in a stack of rocks on the way to El Paso. What the fuck could this signify? [comment]


Asshole Adam must be happy. Paypal got back to me today with "We have completed our investigation of this case. We have denied this claim and a refund will not be issued." That's it. No explanation, just "fuck off". That's what happens when a company has a near-monopoly. Oh well, I can't just take my business elsewhere just yet. Someday someone, maybe me, will come up with something better and put old PayScam out of business. [comment]


Just got back from El Paso... stuck to my shopping list except for a little splurge with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia and a Dagoba xocolatl bar. Don't choke on the pronunciation; as I understand it, the invading Spanish had no equivalent of the Aztec 'x' sound, a soft 'sh' close to the German 'ch' in 'ich'; the nearest Spanish sound is the jota, 'j', more like the 'ch' in German 'ach'; so they gave it their unused letter 'x'. So anyway, the Aztec word for 'chocolate' sounds a lot like 'shokotatl', not so different from the equivalent in any other language I know. This bar is spicy and not very sweet, probably similar to how the ancient denizens of southern Mexico enjoyed it. [comment]


I ate one of my chorizos, now 4 months old, yesterday and I'm still alive. This is definitely a workable means of storing meat in the desert; at least, pork.

Going shopping in El Paso with my neighbor this afternoon. Will have to sequester at least 30 pounds of charcoal to offset my contribution to the gas.

Bought a yucca baccata this morning on eBay. These "banana yucca" plants are supposedly native to this region but in all my travels I've never noticed one. The thin-leaved yuccas are all that I've seen growing around here.



SPF. What a pain in the ass. I think I finally got it working for unternet.net; I'd forgotten to escape the quotes in my bash templates, so the resulting TXT records weren't quoted and thus were being returned with no spaces between the elements. Then finally realized I had to set /etc/mailname to be simply unternet.net, not the FQDN of the host; naturally I realized this after already polluting my zonefiles with the SPF (TXT) records for each hostname in the zone.

I guess the biggest part of my misunderstanding was that SPF tests use primarily the envelope (MAIL FROM) address, not the 'From:' header address. Not all seemingly-authoritative webpages discussing SPF make this clear.

Then there's waiting for hours between changes for the cached DNS information to propagate, unless you want to lower your TTL to 5 minutes and hope you remember to set it back.

Also, I saw old newsbriefs on the web that said Hotmail will "junk" any email that doesn't use SenderID. Well, Hotmail doesn't even use SenderID themselves:

jcomeau@unixshell:~$ dig hotmail.com txt

; <<>> DiG 9.2.4 <<>> hotmail.com txt
;; global options: printcmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 59637
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0

;hotmail.com. IN TXT

hotmail.com. 2696 IN TXT "v=spf1 include:spf-a.hotmail.com include:spf-b.hotmail.com include:spf-c.hotmail.com include:spf-d.hotmail.com ~all"

;; Query time: 3 msec
;; WHEN: Sun Jun 3 07:56:43 2007
;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 157

I sure don't see any spf2.0 records, do you? AOL has it, though. Anyway, I haven't been able to get Hotmail to accept my mail yet. Not sure what it's going to take. I don't know how to implement domainkeys yet. [comment]


AC has been sitting on my article for a few days now, and I submitted it non-exclusive, so I'll publish it here as well. It's just a restaurant review, one I've already reviewed at least once before, at Tribe.net. [comment]


Paypal died at 15:24 Central time with an "Internal Server Error". They don't even have the Apache (1.3.33) error page customized... It happened just as I was trying to check the status of my dispute with scammer Adam Reinisch. Paypal says they try to resolve disputes in 30 days, well guys it's been 32 and you've been stuck in the "Reviewing Case" phase for the last 22... let's get on with it.

Found a reference to an earlier outage online. [comment]


Turns out the signature files are something that allows the firmware to be loaded onto the device. So scratch off ARCHOS and their fucking proprietary secrets. They may be technically in compliance with the GPL but they won't get my business.

Now I'm looking at the Nokia 770. There are some going on eBay for around $100 each. [comment]


I thought iPod had wifi built in! So much for that idea. The ARCHOS 604 does, though, and it's built on open source software. I downloaded the ISO but haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Talk on the web is that it's incomplete, missing "signature" files, whatever that means. We shall see.



Turned out the chemtrails only went about a couple miles either side of City of the Sun. Trying to keep it low-profile I guess.

Converted my ARMmite development over to C yesterday. It was pretty easy with the instructions on the Coridium website.

Drank a little too much beer yesterday, feeling not so great this morning. Gonna go back to bed for a while... see yaz later. [comment]

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