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The two days at Bodega were good for this gearhead, I got a chance to look at friends' iPads and Samsung SCH-1800s with SealLine waterproof cases, and a lifeproof iPhone cover. Also saw a Wheeleez wheelchair someone had found way offshore, and got the idea for using either Wheeleez balloon tires (optionally with a removable hub for storing stuff, and maybe built-in inflator) or belted wheels for the sand portion of the KGC; and have whatever "sculpture" reconfigurable to resemble a mobility cart for the disabled. One never knows when such might come in handy.

I had jogged through the golf community from Doran beach, only to find when going back from Heron Drive there were signs saying "B.H.H.A. Private Property". Since I didn't see them from the other direction, I assume they were there as a "usurpation of the commons" strategy, designed only to keep people from parking there and walking into the park. [comment]


I wonder if anybody has experimented with a power frisbee; say for example one that generates steam with two or three evenly-spaced jets around the outer edge that make it fly much farther than the initial thrust would provide. It could also generate enough electricity through a dynamo to provide GPS or video control. Could be used for delivery of small items point-to-point or simply to break windows remotely. [comment]


Somebody left a quart container of Chinese food on the bench outside knimble. Hope it wasn't poisoned; it tasted good. [comment]


Jogged to Starbucks... in Cotati. Haven't measured yet, but it should be close to 10 miles. [comment]


The cold only really lasted 5 days, after that there's been a little coughing but getting better each day. I got off easy. [comment]


Someone called me an anarcho-communist due to some comments I made in a Facebook discussion. Ouch. So I'm going to make some notes about the commons, to use for future reference.

As I understand rationing of the Mimbres aquifer in southern New Mexico, wells must not draw more than certain limits. To exceed these limits, an entity must apply for an exemption and pay a fee. There is a public discussion period, but if the public outroar is limited, the entity may now suck larger quantities of the water out for his cattle or pecan trees.

I may not be 100% accurate in the above description, but I believe it's close enough to make my point. By the unholy alliance of the State and capitalists, the common water supply has been usurped. Money goes to the state, which enables the environmentally destructive ranchers and tree farmers (this is desert for christsakes) to make more money, which makes them able to pay more fees for more water, ad nauseam. Meanwhile the water table drops a few feet per year, and everybody on both sides of the border has to dig their wells deeper.

As for the axiom of private property, admit it's an axiom and quit pretending there's something inherently true or noble about it. It only came to be when large-scale agriculture subsumed the hunter-gatherer peoples or drove them away to less and less suitable areas, something witnessed more recently in the US when so-called "treaties" left the nomadic Americans with smaller and smaller plots of land to the point where their preferred mode of life became impossible, so, not being predisposed to farming, these once-proud peoples languished in misery. And in many cases, if memory serves, since the goddamned lazy Indians wouldn't farm the good, rich acreage we left them, we took it away with more "treaties" and swapped it for desert.

So, admit that property rights are and always have been based on violence. A true voluntaryist should have some soul-searching to do at this point. Go ahead and maintain the myth of land ownership, but realize that you have destroyed the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle in so doing, and that the peoples disenfranchised by your little game may someday rise and take back their land. Scoffing heard. If Americans, as Robert Pirsig asserts, have subconsciously internalized the Native American philosophy, it could yet happen as a new generation of multi-ethnic Indians arises out of the ashes of the American Dream.

Which brings me back to my eternal rant about paved-over cities with few or no public bathrooms. In a state of nature there is always a place to relieve oneself. If you usurp nature for your own ends, it behooves you to maintain some semblance of the commons you have stolen. Shit and piss are useful resources, particularly after composting, and collecting it would be profitable if cities could allocate the necessary resources to replace the current destructive and wasteful infrastructure with something saner based on Joseph Jenkins's research.

And while we're at it, how about some allowance for nomadism as well? Multi-use paths at least every mile in populated areas, every ten miles of wilderness, both N-S and E-W. Europe has built land bridges over its highways, a good step in that direction.

One final thought, for now: if your only contribution to a conversation is name-calling or snark, you have, in my opinion, conceded the argument. If you can't handle a challenge to your precepts, you might as well stay out of adult discussions. [comment]


Drinking the batch of colonche I started on the 8th. I thought there was kahm yeast forming on it but maybe not. It tastes pretty good, don't know how much alcohol yet. [comment]


It's common knowledge among those of libertarian mindset that the pledge of allegiance was written by a socialist. Here is my off-the-cuff breakdown of the pledge.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America...

What? To a piece of cloth? Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of moron would pledge allegiance to any flag, let alone this one that has been sullied by interventionist wars for decades, wars that arguably have been for dubious political ends or outright financial exploits for the benefit of Wall Street?

And to the Republic for which it stands...

OK, that's a little better. Except for the fact that our Republic has of late degraded into something indistinguishable from a dictatorship.

One nation, under God, indivisible...

Hold it right there? "under God" does offend me half as much as "indivisible"! Secession is an absolute right of a free state and its people.

... with liberty and justice for all.

That I can get into. But that's something the state has to prove to me, not something I will blindly assert about it. End of rant, for now. [comment]


Picked up lemons from one of my favorite Freecyclers, and passed Taps on my way home. It's Tightwad Tuesday, and they have Taps Pale Ale for $2.50/pint, so I had one. Hopped just right, went down smooth. The barmaid said Firestone makes it for them. [comment]


Woke up with negligible congestion but after a few minutes of being vertical knew the cough was still there. It's productive today, though, not dry like yesterday afternoon. [comment]


Added red pepper flakes, cumin powder, and hot mustard powder to the beans. Much more palatable. [comment]


Congestion was looser when I woke up, just one sniff and a big gob of phlegm was in my mouth, from where I swallowed it. Coughing more, so guess my throat might get pretty raw today. [comment]


I'm about ready to admit that I got duped; the Sandy Hook inconsistencies are probably all answerable without resorting to conspiracy theory. I apologize for being sucked in so easily, and will attempt to be more circumspect next time around.

I'm still not ready to concede the Aurora shootings though; I haven't seen the "second shooter" theory debunked yet, for one thing.

One reason I get drawn so easily into conspiracy stories is because the media, and people in general, seem to refuse to believe anything is a conspiracy, such as Obama's plan to disarm America, which daily has more supportive evidence, and the Fast and Furious coverup, which is already well documented by Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea. [comment]


Throat worse, congestion worse, coughing has started. Guess this is going to last a few days more. [comment]


Went to bed with a splitting headache, but eventually got a good night's sleep and woke congested but with my throat not noticeably worse than yesterday. [comment]


Waking from a dream this morning, it was compellingly important, for whatever reason, to write down the names Thibodeau and Richardson, but I don't remember the reason. I vaguely remember something about them being explorers, and each of them had died.

Last night after dinner my throat was feeling scratchy, and by this morning it was raw. Dammit. Probably due to too many sugary treats lately. [comment]


I guess the trick of adding castor oil to beans does work. I'm not nearly as gassy as with the previous experiments, and the farts I do have aren't malodorous (yes, I know the old joke). But they didn't cook up as tender as last time, lacking hambones to help hold in the heat. Today though, I got a good deal on a Lodge dutch oven, $12.99 minus 20% senior discount at Goodwill, and have the beans back in the heatbox, with some uncured salami and the rest of my jar of olives, until dinnertime. Hoping the flavors blend well.

Also bought a pretty good snorkel for about $3 to take to Baja. [comment]


Noticed mold forming in my crock of mashed prickly pears, so this time I just scooped off the top, found a plate that fit the crock fairly well, and squeezed out as much juice as I could, throwing the rest of the fruit away. Then used a funnel to get the juice, along with the pulp still left in it, into a gallon jug. Slapped an airlock on it and it's bubbling away. I'm about ready to admit defeat on coming up with an easy but primitive method of brewing colonche. [comment]


OK, some recent ideas, in no particular order:

Build cheap ferries with no engine, just some kind of power train that uses the cars onboard to generate the propulsion. Just fasten the front of the cars in good just in case the rollers lock up you don't get a runaway...

Saw a guy on a Kawasaki jet-ski in the Petaluma river the other day, he was fully immersed except his upper torso. That gave me an idea for some kind of amphibeous motor contraption with at least one wheel and perhaps a turbine for use in the water. On land you could have wheels attached just above the knee, holding the device in front of you or with your chest resting on it as you barrel down the road.

The Golden Gate bus advertised free wifi, and I've been able to use it in the past, but when I went to SR yesterday it gave me an IP but wouldn't redirect me to the firewall. I tried the /24 with .1 and with .254 but there was no webserver at either address.

Citizens should form posses and have magnetic stickers saying ECILOP to stick to the side of their cars. Go around arresting police for violating the laws that ordinary people have to follow but they typically do not (e.g. carrying firearms in places where they are outlawed). Humiliate them but do no harm; just help them to see what they are doing wrong.

Design some kind of steel box with electronically controlled orifices that close off air, and then force air, to preserve charcoal fuel but then bring to high heat quickly, to "cook" human excrement such that the harmful pathogens are neutralized quickly and to drive off the water, leaving only harmless powder. This would help handle the transition phase between the wasteful "shitting in drinking water" situation in which most of the world finds itself, and a better future where there is no waste and everything is reused, human "waste" being composted as humanure. [comment]


Rice cooked 12 minutes on the stove followed by an hour or more in the heatbox came out perfect. I've never gotten brown rice so fluffy, just as good as white rice, using the normal cooking method. Remind me to write up a howto on it someday.

Opened a ticket with Caltrans for that PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED sign that doesn't belong there. Let's see if it gets any action. For sure the goddamned cops are going to use that sign for all it's worth. [comment]


Started on the latest batch of beans tonight, too early to tell if the addition of castor oil is going to prevent flatulence but I don't have much faith. They didn't cook as well this time, I assume because I didn't have any bones to add for thermal inertia.

Guess I got my USB-bootable KNOPPIX working just in time, the hard drive won't mount at all tonight. Might have lost a lot of downloaded music and gigabytes of code; but then again it may all be salvageable eventually. Not going to sweat it too much.

Going to Santa Rosa tomorrow to buy a replacement cell phone via Craigslist. My phone still works, but neither charger does, and this phone should have an identical charger and battery; it's also possible my SIM card will work in it. And it's a much better phone. [comment]


Sheriff Doyle, it was right about here, exiting highway 101 onto Atherton Avenue, from the north, walking against the traffic as per the CVC, that I was unlawfully detained and searched: [Google Maps].

The CVC prohibits pedestrians and bicycles on freeways where posted, and the stretch of 101 between Petaluma Blvd. South and Atherton Avenue in Novato is not so posted on either end. There is a sign on the shoulder of the southbound exit stating PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED, but that contradicts CVC 21956 and common sense, as evidenced by the sign a few feet north that states BICYCLES PEDESTRIANS MUST EXIT. In any case, I was not walking on that side, and Deputy Jones told me, wrongly, that I should have been.

So I have to assume that you do not understand what you were told, or you were lied to. [comment]


Got this response from Marin County sheriff:

Dear Mr. Comeau:

I am in receipt of your letter dated December 15, 2012. I have had members of my staff review your letter and it appears as though we are not going to agree on this matter.

According to the information I received, you were on Highway 101 South, where pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed. Therefore, I do not believe that Deputy Jones was harassing you.



RTD: sjb

Grr, now I have to come up with proof and reply. [comment]


Haven't had this bad of an oil change since I first ate a yucca stalk not long after I moved to the desert. Hopefully it doesn't hit me on the paddle tomorrow. [comment]


When Necmettin Erbakan violated the Turkish constitution by attempting to impose Islam on a country that had decided on a secular government, the Turkish military quickly deposed him, quietly and bloodlessly. This would be a good strategy for dealing with the treasonous elements in our government, if there were some real leaders in our military who would risk their lives to obey their oath. [comment]


Ate at McD's today: a one dollar McDouble. Yuck. But they have free wifi now, and I had to use the bathroom anyway. [comment]


Got rid of my silver this morning, sold to a guy on Craigslist. Entering the apolcalypse weaponless and without any real money except for my stash of 7.62x39 ammunition. And I don't even remember where I hid it, although I have a few good ideas. [comment]


Finally got a usable Linux again using these insructions. No sense trying to fix my hard drive installation any more, the drive is on its last legs. Hopefully I can get all the good stuff off it first. [comment]


Started another batch of colonche. This time I covered the top of the mashed fruit with about 1/2 cup of honey in an attempt to keep out mold and other nasties. [comment]


About to see if this solution, upgrading udev, fixes my boot problem. Strange that the images that are lacking the proper directory in /lib/modules boot up all the way, whereas those that do have modules do not.

Also realizing my /etc/fstab doesn't have all the necessary entries that coLinux needs to figure out what to do. The normal Linux boot process somehow populates /dev and /sys regardless.

It struck me while taking a shower that the anti-gunners will start off saying "What the hell do you need semi-automatics with large magazines for? You don't need them for deer hunting." and if you answer "To fight against enemies foreign and domestic." they then say "Oh, you're going to fight our own government? Good luck with that, ha ha! Our military will squash you like a bug!" On the one hand, they realize you need parity in firepower with the military, and on the other hand they want to take away the closest thing you have to that parity. In other words, they want to give up without a fight, and they want you to do the same. Just like the Austrians welcomed their lord and savior, Adolf Hitler, convinced he would take them in his mighty arms and lead them to peace and prosperity. Mental laziness is perhaps the worst kind. [comment]


On Facebook and other online forums I've often seen people criticize 3pers and other gunnies for being "all talk and no action". That's a fair accusation. We keep saying "you pass one more gun law and that's it", but we don't follow through. We don't want to have to follow through. We don't want to have to shoot at our cops and politicians, or even at the .001% of the population that pulls their strings. We just want you to respect our freedoms, even if you don't care to exercise them yourself.

Think about it, hasn't the government ever enraged you? Its imprisonment of Bradley Manning? Its drone killings of innocent civilians including children? The wholesale slaughter of Iraqi civilians exposed by Wikileaks? The nationwide stifling of the Occupy protests? There's got to have been something that bothered you over the past couple of decades if you've been paying the least bit of attention. If you have weapons, you can at least say "well, if it gets worse, we can still fight to get our government back." Without guns, all you can really say is "oh, shit, it's over". And that is a sad thought. [comment]


Fellow gunnies, if we don't get our facts straight, it destroys our credibility and undermines our arguments. Please check with Wikiquote or Guncite before posting apocryphal or misattributed quotes. Don't keep stating the Swiss keep military-grade guns and ammo at home, the ammo was taken away back in 2007. I'll post other examples when I'm reminded of them. [comment]


Why was Alyssa Byrne not able to be tracked by her cellphone signal? If the authorities had suspected her of drug trafficking, you can bet they'd have triangulated in on her in no time.

In a recent dream there was a road with so many superfluous markings in various colors put there by road crews, gas, electric, and fiber communications companies, that it was almost impossible to see the lanes. It brought to mind an article I had read, possibly also in a dreamworld, about how bad design choices cascade to an end result that nobody wants to work on. Polishing a turd. I've worked on software projects like that. Hell, might as well admit it, most of my own projects have ended up like that.

Steamer Landing Park and the adjacent field behind Yardbirds has been mowed, and my seedlings, if any sprouted, were likely destroyed. Planted more kale and chiles in the mounds that escaped the trimming. Picked some mallow and mustard, and reaped the remainder of the prickly pear fruit.

There's a sculpture called Sir Bent at the Petaluma Arts Centre. It's a large serpent head of welded scrap over rocks and driftwood. Quite well done, in the style I associate with Burning Man. [comment]


If I owned property, which I no longer do, I might be one of the "cold, dead hands" crowd so often mocked by the left. But without property, even in states where gun rights are still valued, the right to "keep and bear arms" is rarely usable in practice. For one thing, the Gun-Free School Zones Act makes it illegal to carry within 1000 feet of a school. In a city like San Francisco, that law leaves a gun-toter few if any options to get from point A to point B. Then there are laws prohibiting guns in post offices, bars, banks, and other institutions. In many California cities there are unconstitutional laws prohibiting or restricting ownership or carrying of weapons. Petaluma's ordinance 10.56 is one. But anyway, if Obama isn't stupid -- and it would be unwise to assume that he is -- he will not send police or troops door to door to take your weapons. He just has to make it mandatory that you invite them in to check your place. When they've searched it, you and every adult member of your family gets a record put in your file, indexed to your drivers license or passport, that you have complied. Next time you go to perform jury duty, or get your license plates renewed, or come back into the country from a business trip, your records will be pulled. If you haven't had the requisite search of your properties done, you will be fined or incarcerated. This was discussed a few years back in relation to a supposed mandatory flu shot. At the time I was living on the border, and had to pass through a checkpoint every time I went to Deming, NM for supplies. I was getting ready for war at that point, and stocked up on guns and ammunition. I've since gotten rid of all of it but a couple of air rifles and some archery equipment.

So anyway, if a gun ban is put into effect (or mandatory vaccination or national ID card or ???), be damned sure you don't have to stray too far from your front door. Anything you do to interact with the State will likely be booby-trapped. Meanwhile we must do everything in our power to dissuade the collectivists from implementing any such plans. [comment]


Decided to break out the batch of colonche I started in early December, to take to Mike's birthday party. There was a layer of green and white mold on top, that came off easily like a pancake. Then I tried to remove the fruit, which typically floats on top while the liquid stays on the bottom. It didn't work that way this time. The fruit was spongy and retained most of the liquid. I didn't even fill a standard wine bottle with what was left after I poured it through a funnel lined with cheesecloth. And I could be mistaken but I sense a moldy aftertaste to the beverage. I'm not even sure it's wine, can't taste any alcohol. [comment]


A friend of a friend on Facebook just posted that he wanted to have all homeless people medicated monthly with Haldol to prevent them from committing crimes. If this is a commonly held opinion, then it is a very disturbing one. Not all homeless are schizophrenic; my experience with them is perhaps 10% of them show obvious signs of pathological behavior. Even most of those with mental illness are gentle and harmless; and many have no mental illness at all, they're just tired of the rigged game of "private property" and have opted out.

Having experienced homelessness first-hand, although admittedly in a rather haphazard fashion, always having other options, I can say that those who don't participate in the illusion of prosperity already have enough privations without forcing more upon them. One of the first that you encounter as you leave your house behind is that there is no place to go to the bathroom, especially in cities, and most especially at night. It may seem like a small matter until you have been up for hours with pressure on your bladder and/or uranus and no legal way to relieve it. I'm not saying there are easy solutions, particularly as our culture treats human waste as such, "waste", rather than the valuable resource it could and should be; I'm just saying it's a problem that wouldn't exist in a state of nature.

Another matter is that the homeless have, even in the "better" states like Florida, pretty much lost their 2nd Amendment rights. There are so many places where carrying a weapon is illegal, and given that post offices, banks, and bars no longer offer the service of "checking" it at the door, it becomes totally impractical to own one. People who appear to be "homeless" are routinely hassled by the police, and regardless of legality, a cop will confiscate your weapon and you will have little to no recourse. You may even be locked up for a while.

I could go on and on about this, and may someday, but I've got a dying hard drive that needs my attention. So, end of rant for now. [comment]


Just experienced stinging nettle behind Day's place. The leaves were amazingly irritating to the back of my hand, but the redness and burning are already dissipating just minutes later. I rubbed the deeply serrated leaf between my hands until it looked "steamed" and then ate it. Quite tasty, but I can't describe the flavor in terms of anything else I've ever eaten. [comment]


Finally got rid of the ACL_1.2 not found errors by reinstalling libacl1. However, multiple attempts at fixing /lib/modules has left me with a missing initrd, and I cannot boot normally. Have to google around for backdoor methods I've forgotten. [comment]


Wondering if every time I narrowly avert death, in an alternative universe I actually do die. And when I get tired of living, at some junction in the multiverse, I'll just accept the death rather than choose one of the branches that continues my life. And yet those branches still exist? [comment]


Wal-Mart in RP hasn't had .22LR ammo for about two months, according to Ron in sporting goods, and he doesn't know when any is expected in. The shelves are pretty bare except for a couple boxes each of oddball sizes like 7mm and .38 special.

Home Depot has hexayurt-capable aluminized foam sheets up to 2" thick. The 1.5" goes for under $15 per sheet. [comment]


Farther north I saw what looked like Manzanita bark and flowers, but with fruit that looked like lychee. Flowers were bitter and the fruit wasn't ripe. [comment]


Just ate some of the lychees that line the Lowe's parking lot. Yum. [comment]


On the north side of Gravenstein just east of Stony Point there's an unfenced opening to a field with lots of large, succulent sorrel leaves. Picked some of that, along with some curly dock and mustard greens. That quenched my thirst and appetite so far. There's a deer trail in there that leads to a hideaway in the blackberry bushes surrounding the creek.

Off highway 12 the other day, I saw a sign reading SPURS TRAIL CLOSED USE MINER'S TRAIL, then farther east, on the north side of the road, I saw a sign for Miner's Trail. Anybody know if these are biking or hiking trails? A quick Google search came up empty. [comment]


From the Seed Bank I had wanted to jog nonstop to REI in Santa Rosa. I only made it as far as Jewett and Stony Point before muscular pain in right upper leg and glutes pressured me to stop and walk. [comment]


In a recent dreamworld, the upper stories of a building were all made of steel wire, the main supports no more than 1/4" diameter. Slums on Luna could be very affordable, once the infrastructure is in place. [comment]


Can't shoot to save my life. Kept missing my target at 100 yards, so moved it closer, closer. Finally at 15 yards the pumpkin fell. Got to re-learn how to use the sights. [comment]


We have water! [comment]


Didn't leave the sink running quite enough last night, and the pipe over the creek froze. Waiting for the sun to warm it up, and hoping it hasn't split. [comment]


Made contact on the 145.450 repeater from the top of the ridge closest to, and south of, highway 36, a few miles east of Paynes Creek. N6COZ or something like that.

Practiced a little with the compound bow today with a makeshift target at about 20 yards. I kept hitting high and to the left; when the distance went from 8 inches to two feet I decided to call it quits. My arms were already tired from trying to start the two chain saws. The rubbery fletching was getting torn up by the WhiskerBiscuit, I guess either because the fletching is too old or the temperature is too cold. Perhaps a combination of both. [comment]

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