getting settled into this Mediterranean-ish diet, the cravings for animal protein still being very few and far between. I still have a "craving" for spending money, but I seem to be getting better at satisfying that with very little outlay. yesterday, for example, I just bought about 7 pesos worth of milo, grain sorghum, yesterday, plus another 15 pesos for a refill of my 5-gallon garrafón with filtered water. about a buck twenty in US dollars. if I could maintain that, it's likely I could survive through the toughest of financial times.

my dry goods: beans, rice, flour, wheat berries, coffee, sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, various spices, sometimes roasted peanuts in the shell.

fats and oils: currenly lard, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, toasted and virgin sesame oil (the latter of which I have no plans to ever buy again).

perishables: cabbage and garlic, the first of which I immediately make sauerkraut, and the latter which, if any remains after a few days, I smash and peel, and put into the sauerkraut to keep fresh. the kraut lasts at least a week without getting moldy, perhaps much longer.

most of that stuff needs to be kept dry and safe from rats. that means in metal pots and pans stored under the barbecue which is the basis of my outdoor kitchen. those rats can chew right through plastic containers if they smell something they like inside. they got into my popcorn that way not too long ago.

I make beans, rice, and tortillas on a rotating basis. right now I have beans soaking with salt and a couple of pinches of baking soda to break down some of the long-chain saccharides, and some tortilla flour resting after kneading it for a few minutes. my dinner will probably be bean burritos or hand pies. the same dough is good for both.

I just used the last of my chiles arboles, tree chiles, a couple days ago making another batch of spicy peanut sauce. that stuff is really potent, so the small canning jar I made it in could last me up to a month or even more.

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