a common recurring dream I have is getting change from a vendor and not really looking at it -- and then later finding some or most of it is fake, not just plausible counterfeits, but things like grocery store coupons that don't even look like real money. and I kick myself for not checking.

well, I don't think that has ever happened to me in real life, but today after getting home from Arámburo I saw that the $20 peso bill was torn and had been taped. it was too late to take it back, I should have pointed it out right then and there. but I had to go to the bank anyway, so after transacting my other business I resigned myself to a "no" and asked anyway if I could change the broken bill for a new one. the teller did so immediately, no problem. and it's long been my understanding that according to Mexican law, taped notes are immediately rendered valueless.

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