My customer wrote: "I can't tell you how pleased I am with the BB program, it has exceeded my expectations."

My reply:

I'm glad to hear that. It was rough going there for a while. But I was so insistent on using the browser as the UI because that was the only way to make a good-looking product in a short time. What I could have done with MIDP was to make a usable but ugly product which might have met your expectations but not exceeded them.

To edit the program, you'll need to: 1. Install the Java SDK 1.4 or later; 2. install the RIM JDE 4.0 or later; and to use my Makefile, you need Cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com), full installation.

You edit the java programs and HTML files with notepad or anything else that doesn't mess with the file's structure. In other words, plain ASCII output. At a Cygwin bash prompt, just type 'make subdirs codfiles release'. You'll also need to pay RIM $100 for the code signing ability, otherwise it will fail at the 'release' build. You may need to edit the Makefile to make it consistent with your directory structure, but after that, you should have a drgYYYYMMDDHHMMSS.zip file in your "My Documents" folder, which will be the compiled CODfiles with an ALX file.

Note that the program does almost nothing. After each COD file registers itself as the "listener" for the various URLs, www00.my.customer.app, etc., it just sits in the background idle until called, and then it just fetches the HTML from its storage and hands it to the browser, then disappears again. The browser is doing all the work.

You remember the scene in Enter the Dragon, where Bruce Lee tells the Aussie that he calls his style "the art of fighting -- without fighting"? Well, I try to be a master of coding without coding. This job was done almost 3 weeks ago except for the damned blackberries not working like they are supposed to according to the development kit. All this time and energy was spent fighting with the unknown limitations, having you try out my attempts, and attempting to remotely diagnose the causes of failure.

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