1992-04-03-01.jpg This was a no-brainer. Following the instructions would cost you a lot of time and cursing while dropping those stupid little flat-head machine screws while trying to line up the holes in the teflon stripper with those in the feeder assembly and nutplate. Pain in the ASS! By slitting to the edge of the teflon, you could just loosen the screws and slide it in.

I had delusions of BIG BUCK$ submitting this for a national-level award, but due to the obviousness of this hack, a number of other people had the same idea. I was lucky to have mine accepted at the Miami division level, it turned out.

1992-04-03-01.01 1992-04-03-01.02 1992-04-03-01.03 1992-04-03-01.04