EZR Date-Time Program

This award was the result of several hacks. First I wrote a TMS9900 disassembler and cross-assembler in VAX MACRO on the USPS NDSS VAX. Another USPS hacker had written an EZR disk reader for the PC (the EZR system used its own proprietary floppy disk formatting), so I used that and kermitted files back and forth from the PC to the NDSS. (I was going to write a Kermit program for the EZR but never got around to it before the last one was dismantled).

Anyway, after disassembling the existing EZR programs I figured out where the important ROM routines were (can't remember if I ever found a way to disassemble the ROM itself [update - looks like I did; finally found one of my source diskettes]), and so wrote my own programs to use them and tried out my modified disks on one of the EZR systems when it wasn't being used. This one is just a minor hack; I am much more proud of the timing routine I wrote later.

1991-08-23-01.01 1991-08-23-01.02 1991-08-23-01.03 1991-08-23-01.04 1991-08-23-01.05 1991-08-23-01.06 1991-08-23-01.07 1991-08-23-01.08 1991-08-23-01.09 1991-08-23-01.10